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II SAMPE Brazil Composites Week

SAMPE BRAZILSociety for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering will organize, from 2nd  to 6th October 2017, in São Paulo state, Brazil, the second edition of SAMPE Brazil Advanced Composites Week. This technical event aims to present new advanced composites solutions and it will take place in São José dos Campos city (at Parque Tecnológico).

São José dos Campos is a city in São Paulo state, Brazil. It is located between the two most active production and consumption regions in the country, São Paulo (80 km/50 mi – from the city) and Rio de Janeiro (320 km/200 mi). It is known as the main technological research center in South America.

Check the schedule:

  • 2nd October – Structural Adhesion Seminar + IV Composites Bridge Contest
  • 3rd  October – Advanced Composites Seminar + Composites Structure Repair Training – Abaris (1st day) + Technologies Exhibition (Table-top format) (1st day)
  • 4th  October – X Aerospace Seminar + Technologies Exhibition (Table-top format) (2nd day) + Composites Structure Repair Training – Abaris (2nd day)
  • 5th  October – V International SAMPE Brazil Congress + Technologies Exhibition (Table-top format) (3rd day)
  • 6th October – Technical training on prepregs

More about this event:

  • Structural Adhesion Seminar This seminar will present new technologies and successful applications on adhesion in composites parts
  • IV Composites Bridge Contest – It allows students to design, build, and test a miniature structural bridge using various composite materials in accordance with a set of well defined rules, and then compete with other students in a testing event to be held at the II SAMPE Brazil Advanced Composites Week. Monetary prizes are awarded to the student chapter of the winners of each of several divisions of the competition. The objective of the contest is to promote a composite structure development and manufacturing experience. This contest is being promoted in universities in Brazil and in other South American countries.
  • Advanced Composites Seminar This seminar will present raw materials/technologies to produce advanced composites parts, as well as some lectures will show successful advanced composites applications
  • Composites Materials Structures Repair Training  – It will be provided by Abaris. This company has expertise in composites structures repair procedures, which are endorsed by FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). This two-day training includes composites material panels manufacturing, its damage and the repair procedures.
  •  Aerospace Seminar – This technical seminar will present new technologies and solutions for the aerospace sector, showing advanced materials and different processes
  • Technologies Exhibition (Table-top format) – During II SAMPE Brazil Advanced Composites Week, it will be held the Technologies Exhibition (Table-top format) with the aim of presenting several raw materials, equipment, auxiliary products and parts in advanced composites. This exhibition will be organized in a table-top format (with tables for each exhibitor company). Visitors will have the opportunity in deep of knowing exhibitors´ technologies and talking with advanced composites experts in order to find solutions to their projects and product lines.

II SAMPE Brazil Advanced Composites Week will happen from 2nd to 6th October 2017, at Parque Tecnológico de São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil (some of the events in this week will take place at IPT Light Structures Lab, inside of Parque Tecnológico). Technologies Exhibition (Table-top format) will occur on 3rd, 4th and 5th October 2017, simultaneously to the II Advanced Composites Seminar, X Aerospace Seminar and V SAMPE Brazil International Congress, respectively (all these events will be organized in the Event Center at Parque Tecnológico).


  • V International SAMPE Brazil Congress – This conference has the objective of showing new technologies on advanced composites to the Latin American market. The lectures will discuss composites advancement, new applications, new material development, new process performance and several other subjects.
  • Prepreg training course – this course will show kinds of prepregs, technical characteristics, applications and process.

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Previous edition - I SAMPE Brazil Composites Week 2015

More than 380 professionals from all over South America attended the event. Click here to see the photo

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